I’m currently working in a number of disciplines; oral microbiology, specifically Candida virulence and interactions with oral bacteria within biofilms, and the role of the oral microbiome in health and disease; tissue engineering, development and evaluation of a 3D oral mucosal tissue model for biofilm infection analysis. This also encompasses host immunological responses to infection.

I am interested in oral biofilms and microbial interactions, but also wound microbiology – particularly biofilm associated and those implicated in chronic wounds and medical devices.

My experiences during the PhD have built on and developed a number of practical skills, including general microbiology – aerobic/anaerobic culture, adherence/biofilm development and evaluation, microscopy CLSM, SEM, antimicrobial testing, molecular biology (DNA/RNA/qPCR), cell/tissue culture (2D and 3D tissue model), and cell responses, and a limited experience of dental materials.

I’m keen to continue in this field of research, and my ultimate career path is to pursue a lecturing/research position.