A PhD is a big deal. It’s a great big research project spanning three or four years, in which you have to find something novel.. To contribute to knowledge.
It not only takes over your life, it becomes your life. It engulfs you in its enormity, sapping every ounce of strength you have (or think you had)  until your submission, and even then it isn’t finished with you…until the viva.

During this most incredible journey, you do have highs, and lows.. Some very high highs, and certainly some very low lows. But what makes it all bearable, is the acknowledgement that you do, and should rightly so, have a life outside of the PhD.. For some, it may be socialising with friends, down the pub, gaming or whatever. It doesn’t actually really matter what it is, just that you know it exists. Make use of it, let it help those low days become average days, let it help those average days become good days and most importantly, let it tell you that you are still human.

Today I spent some time with my two boys, and sat out the back while I watched my eldest play with his friends – friends that he has established on his own, by engaging with them, playing with them and just being a nice little boh. Trivial so it may seem, but this is such a precious sight and puts everything about life into perspective.
Oh, and I had an oreo ice cream 🙂 #GoodDay