If it looks too good to be true

Then you’ve probably done something wrong! Like picking up a pack of chicken breasts at £1.15 thinking you have a real bargain, when they are actually £1.15 for each breast…so £4.60 in total!! But you buy two packs because you’ve no idea, and get home to be told what an idiot you really are!! Or adding too high a concentration of standard! In this case anyway…
Looking at host cell responses for cytokine production of cells after microbial challenge, the ELISA to quantify this cytokine worked all too well. The concentration of the standard was way too high for the samples added..so a few amendments needed but nearly all good to go – great news!


Postdoctoral Research Associate interested in Candida, oral biofilms, virulence, microbial interactions, host cell responses to infections and tissue engineering. Father to two amazing boys, and husband to an incredible wife. Hobbies include writing, listening to and performing music with my band and spending time with the family.

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