Hi, I’m Daniel.

I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University studying at the School of Dentistry. My PhD project aimed to characterise and investigate microbial biofilms found on the dentures/palate of patients suffering with denture stomatitis; to investigate the interactions between bacteria and the fungus Candida in biofilms in-vitro; and how the different microorganisms modulate each other, the environment and immune cells.

I’m now a postdoc working on a continuation of my PhD project, to look at characterising clinical Candida albicans isolates in the biofilm model, and to determine the mechanisms involved in these interactions.

So a little about me; Born in September 1986, I grew up in Newport, South Wales before moving to Cwmbran with my partner (now wife). I’m very lucky to have two incredibly amazing sons: Ruben and Oliver, and two cats: Hamilton and Billy. I graduated from UWE in 2009 with a 2:1 B.Sc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences degree with interests in microbiology and immunology, before working as an R&D Scientist for a small microbiology biotechnology company; Genesis Biosciences. I am a keen guitarist, and am guitar/vocals in a pop punk band; I love playing, writing and recording  music..as well as listening to it of course!

This blog is really a way of sharing my journey and experiences in a way that others can follow if they are interested.

So, why not check back every now and then to find out what’s been going on in the crazy world of microbiology research!

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