Wellcome Trust ISSF Consolidator Award

It is with great pleasure that I announce I have been successful in my application for the Wellcome Trust ISSF Consolidator grant! This is a fantastic outcome, and will allow me to join the School of Biosciences under the mentorship of Prof Julian Marchesi, and begin the postdoctoral research associate position as a step toward my independent research career!

The project is to build upon my PhD work, to evaluate in vitro interactions in biofilms between Candida and a range of oral bacteria, begin to unravel and understand the mechanisms of virulence modulation, and look at probiotics and their effect toward virulence!


Postdoctoral Research Associate interested in Candida, oral biofilms, virulence, microbial interactions, host cell responses to infections and tissue engineering. Father to two amazing boys, and husband to an incredible wife. Hobbies include writing, listening to and performing music with my band and spending time with the family.

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